Theatre is my family business. Like my great-grandmother and her descendents, I act, direct, write, produce, stage manage, focus lights, track props, hunt costumes, edit sound, kern the projector, sweep the floors and sell the tickets. I’ve done all of that since I was knee-high to a grasshopper — earlier, actually, if one counts intra-uterine stage time.

Theatre is necessary to a critically thinking, expressive culture. I want everyone to go see plays. So there are more plays done. So I get more jobs. I’m not pretending there’s no self-interest here.

I thought about setting a goal-number of plays to see in a year (52?), or perhaps set an annual budget ($1,000?) and see how far it got me. I’m doing both and neither; I’ll count the plays and report the cost- but I may add a post about a play from the past or share something salient about theatremaking today. I’ll almost certainly back-date posts to reflect the day I saw them, rather than the day I’m posting. Mostly, I’m just going to the theatre and contributing my end of the conversation about it. I hope you will, too.

Let’s gallop apace.